Deepstars3D.com isn't your grandma's "three-dimensional" blue & red cardboard glasses 3D but cutting edge state-of-the-art REAL 3D in MVC or SBS format that requires 3D hardware to experience the full REAL 3D effect. While you can still download or stream our hardcore porn videos in HD 2D, we also offer the opportunity to owners of 3D TVs, PCs or VR Headsets to download and view the full scenes in the most incredible REAL 3D quality yet seen. Join now and Go Deep!

3D Enabled Laptop

3D enabled laptops are a very easy method for viewing our 3D HD content. Simply download the MVC or SBS file and play Deep Stars 3D content via any 3D compatible software. There are many 3D enabled laptops on the market now that 3D is becoming the next big breakthrough in entertainment since HDTV.

3D Enabled PC

3D enabled PCs have a 3D video card, a transmitter, 3D Glasses and a 3D monitor.

Simply download the MVC or SBS file and play Deep Stars 3D content via any 3D compatible software.

PC to 3d TV Connection

Connect a PC to a 3D TV via HDMI and configure your monitor settings to play on your 3D TV. Simply download the MVC or SBS file and play Deep Stars 3D content via any 3D compatible software.

3d tv via usb / portable media hard drive

Transfer Deep Stars 3D HD videos to a portable storage device such as a USB stick or drive to your 3D-enabled TV.

3D TVs have USB ports that can be used to play content off a USB portable device. You may also copy video content onto a writ able CD or DVD and play it on your 3DTV.

VR Headset

Virtual Reality, VR Headsets are quickly emerging into the consumer market. Some are inexpensive and utilize a smart phone to view Deep Stars 3D content in side by side format. Samsung Gear VR  Homido  vrAse

Oculus Rift and Sony Morpheus are soon to hit the consumer market with VR Headsets and developer kits will work with our content.

Viewing Deep Stars 3d porn on VR headsets will give you a powerful immersive 3d experience. It is equivalent to viewing a 200 inch 3D TV! Please note that head tracking is not offered at this point.


Need a 3D Player?
NVidia 3D Vision
Power DVD 12

Need a 2D Player?
Windows Media

Deep Stars 3D file formats (2D and 3D)
All the videos are encoded using the high quality MP4/MVC codec. Multi view Video Coding(MVC)

2D viewing - MVC format is backwards compatible with MP4 which allows older devices and software to decode stereoscopic video streams, ignoring additional information for the second view.

Do you offer other compression formats?
Not at this time, MP4/MVC provides the best quality for the size and has 2D and 3D compatibility.

MVC (Multi view Video Coding) or SBS (Side By Side)?
MVC is the standard for 3D video delivery, it is a much higher quality codec compared to SBS. 3D Blu Ray's are all coded with MVC. MVC overlaps the two high quality images on top of each other, without any loss.

SBS squeezes both left and right images into one, the quality is much lower due to the compression of both left and right in one frame. Many first generation 3D TV's can only support SBS format.

How do I download and extract the .rar files?
Windows PC & MAC: Just click on the download, choose the destination on your hard-drive > Click "Save"
Open the .rar file > Extract the content to your desired destination.

Need software to open .rar files?
For Windows: www.winzip.com
For MAC: www.stuffit.com