Answers to the most frequently asked questions so far. Experience the full REAL 3D and HD 2D Deep Stars 3D porn videos now! Become a member and Go Deep!

What is the best browser to view

For maximum viewing experience use Goggle Chrome. has been developed for Google Chrome.

How does Deep Stars 3D shoot HD 3D videos?

DeepStars3D shoots all video with stereoscopic HD 3D cameras equipped with two separate lenses capturing two separate left and right views just like your eyes. This produces the best effect and we do not convert 2D to 3D as many of our competitors do. We use the same techniques that 3D Hollywood movies do.

How can I view Deep Stars 3D content?

All our scenes are compatible for 2D viewing on any device. For 3D viewing you need 3D enabled hardware, check out the 3D hardware page for more info.

Can I view Deep Stars 3D using the old red/cyan 3D movie glasses?

Deep Stars 3D does not offer video in the red/cyan (anaglyph) format that dates back to the 1950s. This old 3D technology creates a 3D effect but loses so much colour, quality and depth that we feel it isn't worthy of our content. But if you really want to view Deep Stars 3D content this way there are players that will easily convert the MVC file to anaglyph while it plays. Power DVD 12 is one that can do this.

What are the different file formats offered by Deep Stars 3D?

Deep Stars 3D videos are encoded using the high quality MP4/MVC codec. Multi view Video Coding (MVC) This format is backwards compatible with MP4 which allows older devices and software to decode stereoscopic video streams, ignoring additional information for the second view, and displaying a HD 2D image. We also offer HD side-by-side format compatible with all 3D devices currently on the market.

Does Deep Stars 3D offer 2D content?

Yes! All the Deep Stars 3D scenes can be viewed in glorious High Definition 2D as well! As mentioned above, MVC files can be played on any MP4 compatible player delivering a 2D image. This works on all types of displays old and new. 2D also streams directly off the web site in .mp4 format.

Why can't I stream 3D?

At this time there is no reliable method of streaming 3D, so the quality demands that you download. Also very fast bandwidths are required due to the extra information 2 views creates. In the future streaming 3D will be a reality just like HDTV is now!

Can I view Deep Stars 3D on my mobile or tablet device?

Yes! When you view Deep Stars 3D on a mobile device the site will automatically scale the browser. 2D is only supported at this time for mobile.

What is the Deep Visions 3D Network?

Right now two sites are on-line. and In time we plan on launching a variety of different Real 3d Porn sites in different genres.

How much bandwidth can I download per day?

We run security software that limits the bandwidth to 10 gigabytes in a 24 hour period. When this limit is reached a warning message will come up and the limit will be reset in 24 hours. This ensures that every user has a fast download experience and also for security purposes combating password sharing.