A comprehensive VR Porn industry review: How it operates, the branches that make it up and the future

Once VR kicked into the entertainment industry, you immediately knew that the adult entertainment industry was going to jump on the bandwagon. And it did not disappoint, producing a good number of VR porn videos that give users a more immersive experience than conventional blue movies.
Like every other industry, however, VR porn has had its challenges along the way. Besides general VR challenges like costly gear, industry-specific problems like scrambled and badly proportioned videos have hit VR porn hard. To its credit, the industry has taken these challenges in its stride, and today users can access decent quality content.

How does the VR porn industry operate?

The VR porn industry operates pretty much like every other virtual reality content provider. As the user, you need special headsets to view videos either on your phone or a VR enabled computer desktop. To access these, you will need to have specific VR porn apps and download videos produced for VR consumption.
Once you have the gear and the video downloaded and sideloaded into your desktop, you are in a position to enjoy the action in a 360-degree vision. You view the video as if you were in the same room with the performer, at times with a degree of command about what they do. Depending on the gear you have, you can engage in several activities within the virtual room like walking around and picking or dropping stuff.
Read on to get a detailed picture of the different aspects of VR porn.

VR porn videos

Videos ar the basic interactive VR porn content. You put on your headgear and it takes you to the same room with the performer. You will need to use an avatar so you can be actually seen in the room. Handheld gear will help you to move around the room and interact with your pornstar, touch them and even have them touch or ride you.

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VR porn games

To make adult entertainment more rewarding, VR porn has gone beyond just sex videos to produce best VR porn games. These are games similar to those you play in everyday life, complete with unlocks and rewards, but maintaining the erotic sense all through. The headgear allows you to play the games in a virtual 3D atmosphere.
You could, say, chase a performer around like you would your real-life sex partner. They run, hide and duck and if you can get hold of them, you get a reward befitting the struggle. In essence, it is a form of foreplay and role play, always ending in a climax.
A game known as Serua Academy Creampie Festival, for instance, offers you up to 20 hours of game time. It is set in a Japanese school, where a newly elected leader of the student council makes it his priority to open up the sex lives of other students. As a player, you get in as a student and play through the levels winning yourself some hot treats from your mates as inspired by your council president!
Other VR porn games you may want to check out include:
– Virtual Lust
– Boob run
– Stroker Zuzu
– Virtual Dolls and Girls of Arcadia
– Dick Hero
– Fap Ninja

VR porn apps

You must have the necessary app to access your desired VR porn content. As you might guess, you won’t find best VR porn apps on your regular app stores like Google Play or Oculus. But that doesn’t mean that you are frozen out. Most of your regular adult content sites will give you leads to where you can get the apps you require to enjoy their content.
The good thing about following leads from sites like Naughty America or PornHub is that they guide you to a trusted third party. This protects you from a lot of shady downloads that could litter your gadget with viruses. Mikandi store is a great third party store where you can get trustable app downloads.
Popular apps within the VR porn circles include FullDive, Badoink VR, Kink, Pornhub VR, VirtualRealPlayer, and SexLikeReal. This last app is different from the rest in that it draws content from other sites and improves that interface. It also allows you to stream VR porn videos without downloading. On the downside, you will not be able to use SexLikeReal if your gear of choice is Daydream or PlaystationVR.

VR porn sites

Your favorite porn site probably has a VR section, but there are still other amazing sites you could try out. VRPorn.com, WankzVR, Badoink VR, SexBabes VR, VRBangers, Virtual Taboo, NaughtyAmericaVR, and PornHub VR are fertile grounds to fish for adult VR content.
A lot of content on them is free, but there still exists some premium videos that you must pay for access in these best vr porn sites.

VR porn gear

You will be able to access VR porn videos and games with pretty much any headset you can lay your hands on, but your specific needs will guide the exact gear to use. Obviously, gaming requires more advanced gear than just beating off to a simple video. The budget you intend to spend on the experience is also a determinant. From tests and reviews from other users, the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStationVR and Google cardboard come recommended in that order.

The future of VR porn

VR porn has grown immensely and continues to grow as technology advances. There really aren’t many reasons why it would fall back, save for one legal hurdle: patent. VR patent laws and ownership remain unclear to many porn producers, and some of them are developing cold feet.
Virtual Immersion Technologies recently filed a suit against the makers of VirtualDolls and Girls. The game that was crowdfunded was quick to back down on a lot of features, including cutting back on communication within their public page. Instead, they encourage requesters to communicate via email and VR porn forums, something that has greatly limited the user-user interaction. A number of adult content producers have gone slow on their VR porn developments following this lawsuit, fearing that they may find themselves in murky patent waters. Quite the mood killer really!
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